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Tales from the Clit

Calli, Belladonna, Mia, Princess, and Honey spectacularly overwhelm a hapless man. Three of the girls sit on his face, walk on his body, and giggle their way through it all. They seem to find it funny that he can't breathe and that they are trampling him severely. They walk all over him, to his discomfort and their pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, rarely do we have the pleasure of seeing five girls in one movie, all ganging up on one man.

Worship My Ass

Michele facesits Baldy, smothers his nose in her twat, handcuffs him, tit-smothers him, and rides him some more. She absolutely buries him in her tits, which he has NO objection to at all! Michele rides Baldy's face and smothers his nose in her twat. She smothers the handcuffed Baldy with her tits, then straddles his face and rides that face to glory. This is a great movie for facesitting devotees and smothering devotees, who like to see a man with his face totally submerged in womanflesh.

Enjoy the Violence

Roxetta can be brutal, but she does reward her slaves with a good fuck. Some nice foot worship scenes are intercut with ass-worship. Then we see Roxetta slapping her slave and whipping him with a crop. Mmmm ... nice intermix of BDSM with foot worship and ass worship. And that's still not all of it. Roxetta rides her slave horseback style, totally dominating him. After riding her slave horseback around the room, she demands a bit of ass-worship. And it's after that that she rewards him with a good fuck.

Fuck My Ass Slave

Mistress Deja Vu, a decadent-looking girl, indulges in a little facesitting. Deja Vu is demanding of her slave, whose face she sits on while swatting his hands away from his cock, which he cannot help pulling at. But later, when he's made her come, she benevolently lets him jerk his rod as he licks her some more. While sitting on her slave's face, Deja Vu swings her foot around so her high heels connect with his upright cock. She pulls at his man-tits as he lies helpless beneath her. As he licks her smothering twat, the slave jacks his own cock.

When Face Meets Ass

Tall Goddess catches a burglar in her house and deals with him her own way: She handcuffs him, facesits him, and demands that he eat her out. She tells him she'll call the police later, but she wants to have her way with him first. Before she turns the burglar over to the police she's gonna sit on his face and punish him herself, and make him go down on her and eat her out but good! Tall Goddess has a tall order of facesitting to accomplish. And it hardly sounds like punishment to us -- it sounds like our idea of a wonderful time!

Breath of a Salesman

Mia, Princess, and Honey have a slave at their disposal, and they're determined to have a good time with him and smother him to the best of their abilities before they ride him around the room as if he were a good little horsie. But before the ride, smothering is the first order of the day as the girls indulge in a little face-sitting. It's only after trapping the man's face betwen their butt-cheeks that the girls put a bridle and bit on him and ride him around the room. Three on one is hardly fair to the man, but he does seem to be enjoyiing it!

Diary of a Facesitter

Tory is one girl who really enjoys getting her ass worshipped, and she has a willing slave who's eager to lick her ass, her twat, and her butt cheeks. Tory moans and squirms as the slave does his best to bring her some satisfaction, and as she gets her ass and twat properly licked and worshipped. "Stick your tongue out! Lick my ass!" she demands of him, and her slave does his best to comply. Tory is a hot number any guy would want to have sitting on his face, and whose butt and twat any guy would be happy to lick.

Papi Chulo Facesitting

Trim Latina Roxy has an admirer who will gladly lick her ass or have her sit on his face no matter what position she chooses, and indeed they try it in a number of ways. A portion of the video contains nonstop ass licking, so if servicing butts is your delight, the movie will be right up your alley. You can imagine yourself in this fellow's place. The movie offers facesitting and asslicking in a variety of positions and poses - something for everyone, as it were. A hot Latina. A lot of facesitting and ass licking. Just your kind of movie, isn't it?

Notorious Ass

Chantz and Nikki each have a man to smother, and do a good job of it. Two girls - two guys - two asses to smother the two faces with - and wait'll you get a load of the tits on the blonde! (You'll want to leave a load ON the tits of the blonde!) The blonde, who has hyperinflated boobs, smothers an ugly bald man with her tits, then sits on his face. Even ugly guys get lucky sometimes, and this one seems to have really hit the jackpot. The brunette, meanwhile, is doing some facesitting of her own with the other dude.

Drunk Ass Ault

Which is more intriguing: The girl's ass on his face or the dildo between his teeth? The girl sits on his face and rides him vigorously, before demanding he service her twat. (Nice closeups!) Then she teases him, waving her ass near to his face but just out of reach of his questing tongue, which makes him wild with frustrated desire. Finally she straps a dildo to his face and sucks on it. He never makes a word of protest that she could be sucking on the real thing, and she seems quite happy with the molded latex.

The Terminatrix

Tall Goddess takes Baldy through it all: Facesitting smothering, ass worship, some taunting and tormenting with tits she will not allow him to touch, and some HOM smothering. Baldy has definitely met his match in Tall Goddess. Baldy worships her butt-cheeks, then lies beneath her ass to se how long he can take having his air cut off. After the scene in which Tall Goddess taunts and teases Baldy with her tits, which she won't let him touch

Fist and Ass

ominant Sandra does a powerful lot of facesitting, and also gets her ass and twat licked, as well as strapping a dildo to the chin of her slave so that he can fuck her with it. This movie is all about face sitting and cunt licking and ass licking ... but then, aren't those some of life's finer pleasures? Sandra smothers her slave with her pussylips before strapping the dildo to his chin. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves, and you will too, when you watch this movie, if you are into these same pleasures as are shown here.

Sits on his face

Tall Goddess puts on her makeup while her ass is being serviced by a slave's tongue. Then she sits on his face and simply won't allow him to breathe, no matter how desperate he gets. Tall Goddess takes full advantage of the man -- and his tongue -- that she has at her disposal. The slave she is facesitting runs out of breath, but she won't get up and let him breathe. She is one demanding girl, that Tall Goddess, and I certainly wouldn't want to get on her wrong side. But we do hear that the slave lived to make more movies!

Assault with Ass

Olivia gleefully sits on her slave's face and squirms under his tongue as he licks her asshole. She berates her slave as she squirms and squeals at the feel of his tongue in her ass. An interesting thing about the making of this movie: There was an intern present, a sort of "gofer," who absolutely refused to run out for coffee during a facesitting scene but steadfastly stood and watched, bug-eyed, as the action unfolded on the set. He did, however, have to leave the set three times during the filming to use the bathroom ... and we are sure that the call of nature he was answering

Nobody Breathes Forever

Brittany's lover has a "sniffing fetish" -- he likes to smell her ass, her panties, and the chair she's just sat in with her crotchless panties on ... apparently anything that smells of her twat and ass. Well, she decides to punish him for it, and she does this by sitting on his face and smothering him, and by hitting him as she does this. But she's not all about punishing. Brittany spreads wide to give her slave access to her slit. Finding her slave disobedient, Mistress punishes him by slapping him and then cutting off his air with her ass.

Femme Fatal Facesitting

Jewel's getting ready for a party. As she puts on her makeup, she stands on top of her stretched-out slave while she's wearing her spike-heeled boots. The spikes, of course, dig into his flesh. Later Jewel finds her slave makes a handy footrest as well as a good place to park her buns so she can sit on him and smother him. She does this while wearing her tight leather pants, so he not only has the pleasure of being smothered by her but also the pleasure of inhaling the leather as well.

I Predict Pain

Roxetta facesits a fellow in this movie (of course!), but she also gets fucked. Roxetta has a fellow in her clutches, and sheis not going to let him off easy. Amid much anger and screaming, she slaps first his face, then his reddened butt (My, but his cheeks are scarlet!), then allows him to tongue-service her ass. After that she jerks off his cock with the insteps of her feet, and finally, after that, he fucks her vigorously in the regular way. This video offers quite a melange of pleasures, something for everyone

Clash of the Asses

Jennifer and Tory have TWO men to worship them properly. Two girls - two men - two asses - two faces - lots of worship - lots of fun! The girls take out after their men and sit on their faces, then offer up their asses for the guys to worship. The guys have a wonderful time offering proper homage to the two girls and their wonderful asses, which the men treat the way beautiful asses deserve to be treated, while the girls treat the men like shit ... which is the way the men expect to be treated, so that is OK, too.

Fat Greek Ass

Olivia and Sandra have a leashed and collared young man at their disposal. These two girls, who gang up on one guy, are obviously no strangers to bi-ways as there is clit-tickling, boob-fondling, and other lez activity here, in addition to the "main course" of facesitting and getting their slits and asses serviced by the eager young lad. With all the slit-licking that goes on, this is certainly a movie about bottoms that are well washed, so you might consider this "good clean fun"! They hold his nose

Facesitting Assault

Brooke's ass gets properly worshipped, then settles down on the young man's face to smother him for as long as he can stand it. She leashes and collars her worshipper, then steps around the room with him following close behind, licking and kissing her ass with every step she takes. After that, it's back to the bed, where she sits on his face and smothers him with her ass. While sitting on his face, she looks in a full-length mirror, where she can see exactly what she's doing to him. What a sight: His face completely enveloped by her luscious ass. © Tjeezers 2003-2010